3M Nexcare 7660, Disposable face masks, 30 pieces


3M Nexcare 7660, Disposable face masks, very protective grade. 30 masks

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Brand: 3M

Product Name: 3M Nexcare 7660, Disposable face masks

Qty: 30 masks ( 5 masks in 1 pack, color light blue(outside), total 6 packs)

Made in Taiwan, tested and proved by Taiwan Government and Healthcare related department.


Q: why the package in Traditional Chinese?
A: Because this is Taiwan Original 3M version, and trusted by anyone, it’s safe, new and trustable.

Q: when the product arrived to my location?
A: Depends on the air mail, usually a week or two, but Currently Canada and Italy are blocked all packages from Asia.


Please wear mask correctly, and cover your nose and mouth with no gap open.

Once you back home, stay out of your family member and pets, Do not enter bedroom, dinner room, living room, you should take you clothes off to wash at once, and have a bath, wash your hair, at least wash your hands. (Because the virus can transfer via air, your clothes, hair may have virus flew in from somewhere.) Teach your family and kids do so too.


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